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How to win money wagering and betting on cricket

How to win money wagering and betting on cricket

These are the best ways to turn a profit from each different format of the game…

You will be hard pressed to name the sport that offers the best bet and wagering  opportunities than for cricket. There is a televised match every day, sometimes two or three, and liquidity across a wide variety of markets.

There are five main formats:

1) Five-day Test Matches involving international sides. These are usually played over a series lasting up to five matches.
2) Four-day matches between English counties. In these cases, broadly the same betting principles apply as for Tests.
3) Fifty-over per side matches, which usually involve international sides. Again these are usually part of a series, or a multi-team tournament such as the word cup or ICC Trophy.
4) Forty-over per side matches between English counties in the CB40 Trophy. The strategic criteria for trading these is basically the same as for 50 over matches.
5) Twenty-over per side matches. This is a global phenomenon, with four main club tournaments and an international scene.



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