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YouWager Review

YouWager has been an industry leader for over 20 years

We consider YouWager the top sportsbook servicing U.S. players,  With fast payouts, competitive odds, and a big welcome bonus – they’re an easy site to add to your stable of sportsbooks.

YOU-WAGER  receives lots of good reviews these days.   100,000 winning users enjoy the bonuses they are and find the payout speeds to be quick, especially when using Bitcoin. New betting software introduced in 2016 has improved the betting experience.  Our SportsBook auditors reciely ranked YOU-WAGER BEST SPORTSBOOK FOR FOOTBALL FOR 2017

Deposit Methods

Players can deposit via Visa card, through their debit or credit card or by buying a secure payment voucher. This method is the most convenient for most customers, and it comes with no fees.

Western Union or MoneyGram are the preferred money transfer options. YouWager will pick up fees on WU deposits of $300 or more and MG deposits of $100 or more.

For those who want to deposit larger amount, the best option would be either a wire transfer or money order. Both of these have a minimum deposit of $500 and come with no fees, but they also have no maximum deposit amount.

Withdrawal Options with Positive Feedback

The sportsbook has gotten extremely positive withdrawal reports in the past few years. They are meeting their timeframes for the most part, but one issue is that they are a bit expensive when it comes to checks.

Their check withdrawals process in about a week, which is excellent for the current climate. They have a minimum amount of $500 per check and a maximum of $2,500. This is a bit low for a max amount, and the minimum amount is too high. There is a $55 fee per check withdrawal.

Players can also request a money transfer through Western Union or MoneyGram. These methods come with a maximum amount of $600 and $750, respectively. Depending on the amount requested, fees will vary, but can be quite expensive. These process in 24 hours or less, and are among the fastest speeds in the offshore industry.

The final method is bank wire. Bank wires have a min amount of $10,000 and a max of $25,000 per withdrawal request. These come with a 1% on the amount sent, and bettors may get charged some money for receiving the wire.

It’s nice that they offer this method, but the $10,000 minimum is far too high. Other sites process bank wires for amounts as low as $2,500. At the very lowest, the minimum amount should be $5,000.

Furthermore, the 1% fee isn’t fair either. Bank wires don’t cost more to process depending on the amount. For a bank wire of $25,000, a player would pay $250 in fees when the processing cost is the same. This is unfair and seems like a tax on winning players. However, they do process them with speed, getting them to customers in a week or less.

In September 2016, YouWager began accepting Bitcoin. Players can deposit up to $1,000 per transaction. They can get up to $3,000 weekly and $6,000 monthly using BTC. There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing using Bitcoin.

Request withdrawals three times a week and process the same day if the request happens before noon eastern time. They have a maximum amount of $1,000 per requested.

These Bitcoin limits are quite low compared to just about any other site, but the fact that YouWager offers the method and that there are no fees is a huge plus.

They do offer one free payout request every 30 days, provided that players have placed one bet for four consecutive weeks leading up their withdrawal request. Most sites offer a free withdrawal request once a month with no strings attached, so they lose some points in my eyes for added wagering qualifications.

YouWager’s betting markets are extensive. They offer a long list of sports including the big four American and Canadian sports, and also offer CFL and AFL (Arena League) football betting. Other markets include WNBA, mixed martial arts, boxing, tennis, golf, racing, soccer and political wagers.   CLICK HERE  – SIGN-UP NOW

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