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How to Bet and Wager on MLB Baseball

Wagering Strategies for Baseball and the MLB


During the summer months baseball takes the main stage , offering sports bettors a variety of unique wagering opportunities. A successful MLB betting strategy takes into account the performance of starting pitchers and bullpens the teams home/away records and all the combined head-to-head records. A successful MBL wagerer knows what to expect from each team’s offense and defensive positions .

MLB baseball lines are available daily, allowing both novice and hardcore sports betting fans to get in on the action with money-lines, Run-lines and Futures


Betting the Money-line in a baseball game is as simple as picking an outright winner. However, there’s a price attached to wagering on a moneyline favorite, which will always pay less than a winning bet on an underdog.

For example, let’s say the New York Yankees are hosting the Boston Red Sox:

Boston +170

New York -200

The above game line means a bet on the favored Yankees costs $200 to win $100. Conversely, a Red Sox victory would win $170 with just a $100 wager.

With even the best teams typically losing about 40% of their regular season games, regularly siding with big favorites can be a risky proposition for novice sports betting fans.

Handicapping small favorites and underdogs, particularly home underdogs, while watching out for good pitchers on bad teams, can go a long way in helping you steadily build your bankroll.


MLB totals wagering allows you to bet on the total number of runs that will be scored by both teams in a game. Odds-makers establish a betting line representing the total number of runs, with the sports bettor wagering either OVER or UNDER that number.

Moneyline odds can also be attached to the line, as such:

Boston 8.5o -130

New York 8.5u +110

In the above example, the total is set at 8.5 runs but the OVER is favored, requiring a $130 wager to win $100.



The MBL Runline is a 1.5-run spread on a game, as seen in this example:

Boston +1.5 -140

New York -1.5 +110

While the Yankees may be -200 moneyline favorites to defeat the Red Sox, their odds of winning by 1.5 or more runs could be dramatically longer, and may even make them underdogs, while the Red Sox could lose the game by a run but pay off as a favorite.


Baseball futures betting is available all year long. During the off-season, the regular season, the pennant races, and the postseason, sports bettors can wager on who will win the next World Series, league pennants, and division titles.

Odds can change daily in MLB futures betting with current performances, injuries, and personnel moves playing key roles in where the sports-books set the lines.

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