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The GamblersBase is currently promoting a favorite Football Handicapping and Wagering Guide named the OOBG a publication containing “everything” one needs to understand in order to review and place a safe bet or wager on a football game in 2017.   The OOBG has been circulating the Football Guide since the early 90’s generating huge success attracting new subscribers annually while also gaining popularity and respect from seasoned football enthusiasts.   

The Football guide provides a vast array of detailed information and tools in order for bettors to keep track, organize and plan their wagering techniques for the upcoming football season. The OOBG covers player statistics, injuries both past and present along with Game odds and some specialty handicapper’s information not found anywhere else.  GamblersBase and our affiliate partners like the OOBG intend to give our readers and followers an edge against the populace.  Fill out the following form, and get your 2017 OOBG Betting Guide for free.  

Fill out the Form and get the 2017 OOBG Betting Guide

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